Working on WhatsApp link preview feature

California: Instant messaging application WhatsApp has started testing a link preview feature that will allow users to hide the preview of a link being shared in a chat.

The feature being tested by the company was spotted by WhatsApp Beta Info in a report.

According to the report, this option has been introduced only for Android users which is available in WhatsApp beta version

Currently when users share a link in chat, the link is highlighted with the link and this makes the message appear larger than normal text and includes more information along with the web patch title and thumbnail image. includes information that the sender of the message does not intend to disclose for a variety of reasons.

The link preview was not enabled in the public version of WhatsApp, but the latest beta version has introduced a toggle to disable the link preview in the advanced section of WhatsApp settings.

This feature will be enabled in the default setting of the app. However, in future versions users will be able to turn it off at will.

It should be noted that WhatsApp has not announced the final dates regarding the introduction of this feature.

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