Work on a vaccine to protect against lung cancer continues

London: Scientists are working on a lung cancer vaccine that research suggests will be effective in preventing up to 90% of cases.

The vaccine will give the immune system the ability to target early signs of disease and will be given to people at high risk of developing the disease.

Lung cancer cells appear different from normal cells because of proteins called neoantigens. New antigens appear on the surface of cells due to carcinogenic changes in the cells’ DNA.

The Lungvax vaccine will contain a DNA component that will allow the immune system to recognize new antigens in abnormal lung cells. This will later activate the immune system to eliminate these cells and prevent lung cancer.

Professor Tim Elt, lead researcher of the study from the University of Oxford, said cancer is a disease of our body and it is difficult for the immune system to distinguish between normal cells and cancer cells. the major problems in current cancer research.

The vaccine, called Lingvax, was jointly developed by the University of Oxford, the Francis Crick Institute and University College London. Experts have called the vaccine a significant opportunity in the fight against the deadly disease.

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