Which of all animals is closest to extinction?

All marine mammals are at risk of extinction, but one unfortunate species is very close to this threat and that is the vaquita.

Marine mammals face many threats from humans such as habitat destruction, pollution and shipwrecks, but the case is different for vaquitas.

The possible extinction of the vaquita is due to irresponsible fishing, and particularly the widespread use of gillnets in the Gulf, which has resulted in only 10 vaquitas left on the planet.

This rapidly declining number of vaquitas led the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to issue its first official extinction alert in August 2023.

The IWC said in its statement that despite nearly three decades of repeated warnings, the vaquita is close to extinction due to entanglement in gillnets.

The statement also said that the vaquita cannot be stopped from extinction unless gillnets are 100 percent immediately replaced by safer alternative fishing tools that are beneficial to both the vaquita and the livelihoods of fishermen. Be safe. If not, it will be too late.

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