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Disney Channel just made a magical announcement that will surely delight fans of the popular series the Wizards of Waverly Place. A sequel series has been greenlit, starring none other than the original stars Selena Gomez And David Henrie, who will also serve as executive producers. Set to premiere this fall, the new series will see Selena Gomez reprise her role as Alex Russo as a guest star for the first episode, while David Henrie will return as a series regular, stepping back into Justin's shoes Russo.

Production for the Wizards the sequel is expected to begin next month in Los Angeles, with Selena Gomez and David Henrie leads the charge in front of and behind the camera. Recently, the creators of the series revealed the first look by sharing photos from then and now. In both photos, Selena and David can be seen sitting together in their living room. Reacting to the post, Selena Gomez expressed her excitement on the Disney Channel Instagram post, exclaiming, “WE'RE BACK!! SO GRATEFUL. MAGIC.” Look at.

Joining David Henrie in the cast of series regulars is Max Matenko, known for his work in Platonic, depicting Justin's youngest son, Milo. Additionally, the set includes Janice LeAnn Brown of superimposed as the main character, a young and powerful wizard named Billie; Alkaio Thiele, recognized for his role in Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends, as Justin's eldest son, Roman; and Mimi Gianopulos of Rutherford Falls as Justin's wife Giada. Selena Gomez's appearance in the first episode will certainly set the stage for an exciting return to the wizarding world.

The storyline of the new series will follow an adult Justin Russo, who has opted for a normal, mortal life alongside his family, consisting of Giada, Roman and Milo. However, when Alex brings Billie to his door for advice, Justin realizes he must dust off his magical skills to mentor the aspiring wizard while balancing his daily responsibilities and safeguarding the future of the wizarding world.

Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, the creative minds behind The Raven's House and the It's so Raven reprisal, is expected to write and produce the series, alongside Gary Marsh. Andy Fickman directed and produced the pilot episode, with plans to direct additional episodes. Ayo Davis, President of Disney Branded Television, shared the excitement, saying, “We can't wait to return to the magical world of 'The Wizards,' inviting both longtime fans and a new generation to experience the enchantment of alongside Selena, David., and our incredible cast and crew.” Fans have been eagerly awaiting this sequel since rumors surfaced in January, with David Henrie himself confirming production of the pilot on Instagram: “The Russos are delighted to be part of your family again, but we have grown up. 2024, the year the magic returns.”

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