Scientists have created a plant that glows in the dark

Scientists have succeeded in emitting light in the dark and creating plants that glow like fireflies.

According to the research published in the scientific journal Science Advances, researchers have succeeded in creating a plant that glows in the dark using a new technique.

Previously, for the creation of these plants, five different types of genes were obtained from fungi and inserted into the desired plant. Prepared.

Importantly, the petunia plant (Atlas flower) produced by the new technique appears to be 100 times brighter in the dark than plants of this species produced in the past. Due to this, the demand for this plant on commercial basis has increased rapidly.

The research was carried out by a firm called LightBio, which is also selling 'Firefly Petunia'.

According to the CEO of Lightbio, the demand for firefly petunia is increasing rapidly and we have already increased production twice and will increase it more soon.

According to LightBio, people are also using firefly petunia in their gardens, home lawns, kitchens, etc.

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