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Professional Sports Roller Skating Protective Gear Knee Elbow Support Wrist Guard Helmet Set Skateboard Protector for Kids Adult

Price: 25.95 - 31.65


– 6 or 7 Piece Elbow, Knee and Wrist Protective Helmet Sets for Kids/Adults

– Knee, elbow and wrist guards have fixing tape, comfortable and convenient to wear.

– Breathable moisture-wicking cotton and mesh fabric for comfort and cooling, highly shock-resistant, prevents child from injury

– Suitable for roller skating, scooter riding, skateboarding, cycling and other outdoor sports.


Pad material: wear-resistant PP + thick EVA.
The color black
Size: XS: suitable for weight 15-25 kg.
S: suit for weight 25-40kg
M: suitable for weight 40-60 kg
L: suitable for weight 60-80 kg.
XL: suitable for weight 80-100 kg.
Helmet size:

S: suit for head line 48-52cm.
M: suit for head line 52-55CM
L: suit for head line 55-60CM

Application: cycling, ice skating, snowboarding, cycling, skiing, skateboarding.

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