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Portable Metal Mini Alcohol Lamp Laboratory Equipment Heating Liquid Stove Outdoor Survival Camping Hiking Excellent Product

Price: 1.31 - 0.89


Condition: 100% new

Gold color

Material: Metal

Product size: 10ml

The package includes:
1x portable alcohol lamp (just a box, without alcohol)

instructions] 1. Take the cap of the alcohol lamp and put it aside. 2 Light the alcohol lamp core with a match from bottom to top. 3 with the external flame heating object (due to the maximum temperature testing instruments) 4 after use, cover the alcohol lamp with the lamp cap, close the open cover.

[precautions] 1 alcohol capacity in the alcohol lamp cannot exceed 2/3 of the alcohol lamp, not less than 1/4. 2 capacity. When lighting the alcohol lamp, tweezers are used to adjust the wick height, level and relight it. 3 Do not bring the alcohol lamp to the other alcohol lamp when lighting the alcohol lamp, so as not to be dangerous. 4 Absolutely prohibit adding alcohol to the lit alcohol lamp in order to avoid fire. 5 When the alcohol lamp is turned off, it cannot be blown out with the mouth. It must be extinguished with the base of the lamp, and the base must be covered twice. The fire of the 6 alcohol lamps can be extinguished with a damp cloth.

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