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NEENCA Knee Brace Support with Side Stabilizers for Knee Pain Arthritis Meniscus Tear, ACL, Injury Recovery, Running, Workout

Price: 24.00 - 16.80

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  • 【Lateral stabilizer】The hidden double spiral metal support rod on both sides of the knee brace is closely fitted to the knee joint, which inhibits the left and right swing of the knee joint, so that the joint The knee can bend smoothly without affecting the movement, and maintain the stability of the knee joint. Effectively disperses knee pressure, it is the best choice for sports protection and pain relief.

  • 【Innovative Design】A semi-open design with a bottom strap for personalized fit and compression. It can be adjusted according to different calf shapes, overcoming the shortcomings of similar products. Allows the knee brace to adapt better to the knee and provides the highest quality wearing pleasure.

  • 【Patella pad and meniscus pad】There is a semi-circular patella pad above the patella, which fits and wraps perfectly around the patella, improves the stability of the patella and reduces chronic pain caused by patella tendinitis, and the EVA meniscus pads are carefully sewn around the lower circumference of the knee to closely fit the knee joints, which is designed to relieve pain and swelling of meniscus injuries and to reduce pressure on the knee joints.

  • 【Adjustable Pressure Belt and Velcro】There is an adjustable elastic pressure strap around the upper and lower knee circumference, freely adjust the elasticity that suits you best, and feel the support that suits you best, not affecting thus improving your mobility and avoiding potential injuries in sports. . More stability and support than similar products. Avoid sliding or rolling during exercise and can stay in place all day!

  • 【Premium Fabric】Made of highly elastic, tight and breathable compression fabric with compression material inside for perfect fit and compression of your knees, and perforated outer layer for easy sweat wicking, you can be comfortable during your daily activities. We have found the best balance between compression, comfort and breathability.

  • Wide Application: Knee Sleeves for Knee Pain, Meniscus Tear, Arthritis, ACL, PCL, MCL, Joint Pain Relief, Sprains, Strains, Relieve Tendonitis and Knee Arthritis, sports injury recovery, widely used in basketball, weightlifting, running, hiking, gym. , tennis, hiking, volleyball and other sports.

NEENCA Knee Brace for Injury Recovery

Whether it's a strenuous job or a knee injury after strenuous exercise, protecting your knee joints can be very important to your daily life. If you are suffering from injuries such as a torn meniscus or ACL, MCL, etc. So start healing your wounds and keep moving forward.

Note: The package comes with only one knee pad.

Designed for you, for every occasion-NEENCA

Semi-open design, compression fabric, metal spring bar, EVA meniscus pad, adjustable double strap knee brace can effectively reduce meniscus pressure, relieve knee pain, maintain the stability of the knee joint, we have found the best balance between compression and comfort, you can get comfortable support in daily activities, knee brace for knee pain, meniscus tear, arthritis, knee joint support. Anterior Cruciate Ligament, PCL, MCL, Joint Pain Relief.

Maximum comfort and flexibility Quality fabric Double metal spring stabilizers

Enjoy your favorite sports in comfort With a double-layer fabric design, the interior has hidden memory spring rods on both sides

knee pads that protect your knees all day long, the layer is made of compression fabric that fits the knee pad is soft and flexible,

without restricting movement, while perfectly fitting the knee and providing sufficient compression and support

constant support. comfortable compression support, as well as for the knee joint and patella. It inhibits the

The perforated outer layer is designed to prevent the knee from swinging from side to side, and the

breathable and not stuffy, we found that the knee can bend smoothly without discomfort

comfort. with your activities, which is a good companion

for your training and recovery after a sports injury.

Double adjustable straps, padded kneecap, non-slip, no leg restraint

Ergonomically designed to offer a complete range. Open panel design adjusts the size of the curved cup of the popliteal fossa for a better fit.

of movement, Velcro wraps around the knee to the calf to provide a personalized fit, and the knee EVA and perforated fabric in the back allow

create adjustable compression for added comfort. padded, which adapts perfectly to the knee joint, for more breathability and less of that

Provides proper compression without being designed to relieve pain and swelling from awkward bunching behind my

affecting activity meniscus injuries and can accurately support the knee. Comfortable and breathable

the kneecap to reduce tension.

Unisex We have 4 sizes for all ages

Please refer to the chart to select your size. We suggest you don't choose a size based on your height and weight. You should determine the size based on thigh circumference 6.3" above your kneecap.

M:18.2"-19.2" (46-49cm)

L: 19.2"-20.5" (49-52cm)

XL: 20.5"- 21.7" (52-55cm)

XXL: 21.7"- 23." (55-58cm)

Due to individual differences in leg size, BMI and preferences, you may experience problems such as legs that are too tight or too loose. You can change the product one size larger or smaller, which will give you a better using experience. Satisfying every customer is our incessant pursuit

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