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Nearly 2,000 Wordle clones targeted as New York Times publishes DMCA takedown

When Wordle, Josh Wardle's daily puzzle game, arrived in 2021, it sparked two craze: millions of people loved playing Wordle, and thousands of developers loved creating Games as Word. Variants quickly appeared like Nerdle (Wordle for math), Worldle (Wordle for geography), Heardle (Wordle for music), and even Taylordle (Wordle for Taylor Swift fans).

In addition to many clever versions of the Wordle formula, there are many similar versions of Wordle that are just clones, providing an almost identical Wordle experience with no variation (like Infinite Wordle, which is just a version of Wordle to which you can play more). only once a day). The New York Times, which purchased Wordle from Wardle in 2022, is currently cracking down on a number of them.

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