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Michael O'Connell works miracles

On a night where routine shots just weren't falling, the most improbable shot of the game scored and saved a season. Michael O'Connell etched his name into NC State basketball lore with an almost comical heave that went too far and still held true.

What a ride.

I've watched it 50 times and it still doesn't get any less amazing. I do not know what to say. March. Sports. Sometimes basketball prayers are answered, and this was a unique kind of basketball prayer, and it took a team from dead to alive in an instant, ultimately preserving State's season for at least a another day.

I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, and I've seen this particular movie several times so I'm wary, but now I feel like I can relax about it all. We were dead. It was all over. No more pressure now. And this photo is history anyway.

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