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Miami Beach's spring break restrictions proved to be a 'huge success' for residents and businesses

Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner joined 'Fox News Live' Sunday with the latest news on how the city's businesses and residents have been affected by this year's spring break curfew.

“(For) several years we have had shootings on our street, and we are a safe city, and these measures were necessary to keep everyone safe,” Meiner said. “A lot of businesses are happy that we have these measures in place. A handful of businesses are affected (by the curfew), but many businesses say they are actually making more money this year than previous years.”

The mayor of Miami Beach then explained how residents and local businesses had been “extremely pleased” with the results of the midnight curfew during the two-week spring break.


Spring break started with a "successful" first week in Fort Lauderdale after Miami Beach "to break up" with the annual madeness in March.

Spring break kicked off with a “successful” first week in Fort Lauderdale after Miami Beach’s “break” from the annual March Madness. (US Sun/Mega)

Meiner added: “It's the quietest spring break we've had them for years. A number of restaurants that are doing their business, like traditional restaurants, are actually telling me thank you, that these measures have helped them, that it's made things safer, quieter and they're actually busier. »

The City of Miami Beach has implemented a variety of security measures, from bag checks, DUI checkpoints and parking lot closures to increased police presence, early closings of liquor stores, doubling of towing fees and even restricted access to the beach.

Teen sends Florida Spring Break into chaos after shooting gun on beach: bodycam video

Spring party goers took in Fort Lauderdale's welcome message as crowds flocked to the beach.

Spring party goers took in Fort Lauderdale's welcome message as crowds flocked to the beach. (US Sun/Mega)

“We've taken by far the most robust measures we've ever taken. Between our Miami Beach Police, the county, (our) Twin Cities, the governor and the Florida Highway Patrol, they've really succeeded. They've given us 45 agents last weekend. and this weekend, it really helped. We see the difference in the street, it's calmer,” said the mayor.

“We want our hotels to be full, which they are, and in fact I think the opposite was happening. We risked ruining our reputation by causing these acts of violence that we avoided this year. It's a win-win for everyone,' and it's actually a huge success for us this year,” Meiner continued. “Everyone in our city appreciates the drastic measures we've taken, and which have worked.”


Miami Beach

The white sand and turquoise ocean of beautiful Miami Beach, Florida, photographed from an altitude of approximately 500 feet during a helicopter photo flight. (Credit: iStock)

The Magic City implemented these restrictions to further its “continued commitment to protecting public safety.”

Former FBI agent and Miami residentNicole Parker, spoke about the impact this year's restrictions have had on the city, saying: “It's a complete 180 from last year.”

“If you're in law enforcement and your local authorities don't allow you to enforce the laws and your hands are tied, then you can expect crime, violence, trouble ” added Parker. “This new mayor and the other members who were elected support blue and have a zero tolerance policy. Everyone lined up and I can tell you it's beautiful, we love having guests in Miami Beach. “


The mayor said law enforcement was still “busy” but things were calm.

“We're still a busy town. I was there last night with the police and everyone, and we were busy, but everything is quiet. Everyone is having a good time as they should,” Meiner said .

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