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Price: 1.86 - 0.56


Product name: anti-slip powder

Weight: approximately 56 grams


Put the magnesium powder into the ball made of special gauze. When you use it, just use your hand to rub it and then your hands will be full of magnesium powder. It is easy to use and carry.

Advantages: This product adopts the drawstring design. When magnesium powder is insufficient, you can add it yourself and reuse it. The magnesium powder balls are small in size, equal to the size of the baozi. The outer packaging is a self-sealing plastic bag.

It's a must-have for basketball players, pole veterans, shot putters, javelin athletes and other sportspeople who need items on hand.

Freestyle athletes, ring athletes, and parallel bar athletes all use non-slip magnesium powder.

Magnesium powder can also be used for a simple floor anti-slip. For example, when playing badminton, sprinkle some magnesium powder on the ground to improve ground friction. Nowadays, popular pole dance fitness also needs magnesium powder, which can increase friction. Magnesium powder is also an essential component when performing exercises with heavy weights, such as lifting a barbell. Magnesium powder is a very light white powder with a very strong moisture absorption effect, which can effectively keep your hands dry and increase friction.

Widespread use:

Gymnastics training, gym, pole dancing, bodybuilding, climbing training, badminton

In sports such as weightlifting equipment, grip, fitness, pole dancing, sports, gymnastics, throwing, rock climbing and other projects are needed.

Often, sweating of the palms affects the ability to hold the instrument, which helps to raise the level of training and competition results.

The scientific formula of high-quality magnesium powder does not hurt the skin. It is tasteless, water-absorbing, non-slip, and has a quick and obvious effect.

Packing list:

1* anti-slip powder

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1. [ Reliable Formula ] Does not hurt the skin, and its tasteless, water-absorbing and absorbent anti-slip effect is quick and obvious, Gym Chalk Ball can effectively keep hands dry, thereby increasing friction, scientific formula.

2. [ Easy to Use ] The refillable chalk ball is a very light white powder with a very strong hygroscopic effect, the outer packaging is a self-sealing bag, easy to use and carry.

3. [ Design Drawstring Opening ] Chalk Ball is small in size, the size of a bun, when the magnesium powder is insufficient, you can add powder by yourself, which can be reused, designed with drawstring opening.

4. [ Wide Uses ] Refillable chalk is ideal for basketball, pole throwers, shot putters, javelin throwers, and more, suitable for gymnastics training, gym training, pole dancing, and more , applicable to acrobats, ring athletes and parallel bar athletes.

5. [ Used for Simple Anti-Skid] Can improve floor friction, Chalk Ball Sock is a must-have when performing heavy exercises, such as lifting dumbbells, and can be used for simple floor non-slip.

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