Google's major move to secure user accounts

California: Technology giant Google has introduced a new password security alert to protect its users' accounts from cyber attackers.

The Password Boost form, which is part of Google's broader security upgrade, is rolling out to iPhone and PC users first, and will be rolling out to Android users later this month.

Earlier, Google used to notify its users if their password was leaked in a data breach. But now users will be notified not only of passwords that are not secure, but also of passwords that are weak and being reused.

Leaking passwords is a common occurrence in data breaches and such incidents can affect thousands of people at a time.

A few days ago, TV streaming company Roku said that more than 15,000 user accounts had been hacked in two separate cyber attacks since December.

According to Billing Computer, each hacked Roku account was sold on the dark web for 50 cents.

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