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Forecasters predict 2 inches of rain possible following weekend storms

The National Weather Service is warning area residents that there is a marginal risk of excessive precipitation Friday and a slight risk of excessive precipitation Saturday.

The Weather Prediction Center placed much of the area in a marginal risk zone on Friday. The most severe weather conditions are expected inland.

Rainfall could reach about 0.5″ along the coast and up to 2″ across Brush Country, according to the forecast. “Currently, there is approximately a 20-30% chance for those at slight risk of receiving more than 2” of rain over the weekend.”

Those traveling should note that there is a slight risk of excessive rainfall “for the northern Coastal Plains, Victoria Crossroads and Brush Country on Saturday, with the remainder of the region at marginal risk,” forecasters said.

“Our threat for potentially heavy rain will increase as we approach the weekend,” the NWS said in a forecast released Thursday. “The combination of an upper-level disturbance in the southwestern United States, an approaching cold front and increasing humidity will result in a moderate to high risk of showers and thunderstorms Friday through Sunday .”

Forecasters are predicting a 20 to 25 percent chance of heavy rain Friday and increasing chances overnight Friday into Sunday.

“We will see a 40 to 80 percent chance of showers and storms Saturday, with the greatest threat located in the Brush Country and Coastal Plains,” the forecast says.

The NWS warned that scattered flash flooding is possible, “primarily localized in urban areas, with some roads and small streams most vulnerable.” Some low structures were flooded. Storm sewers and retention ponds are filling and may overflow in some areas. Floodwaters could cause several road closures.

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