Famous Indian actor dies after heart attack

Chennai: Daniel Balaji, a well-known actor of the South Indian film industry, died at the age of 48 following a heart attack.

According to Indian media reports, Tamil actor Daniel Balaji, 48, felt chest pain on March 29, after which he was rushed to a hospital in Chennai.

Doctors, while examining Daniel Balaji, pointed out that the actor suffered a heart attack, but despite medical treatment, his condition could not be restored and he left the world.

The sudden death of Daniel Balaji has left the South Indian film industry and his fans in shock, with Daniel’s co-stars expressing their deep grief on social media.

It is worth noting that Daniel Balaji started his career as a unit production manager in Kamal Haasan’s unfinished project ‘Mardhwanayagam’, after which he forayed into the world of television as an actor, his first role being that of Daniel. with this role, his on-screen name was changed to Daniel Balaji.

In 2022, Daniel Balaji started his film career with the Tamil film April Mudathal. Apart from Tamil films, he has also acted in several Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films.

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