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Durable Night Dental Braces Braces Sports Boxing Mouthguard Taekwondo

Price: 1.79 - 0.86


100% brand new and high quality

The dental retainer aims to consolidate the effect of dental orthodontic treatment and maintain the teeth in an excellent aesthetic and functional position.

Made of food grade modified plastic material, safe for teeth and oral soft tissues, safe to support misaligned teeth and various arch shapes.

Applicable to upper and lower teeth are crowded, open jaw, deep jaw, maxillary protrusion, usual wide lips, etc., a new effective orthodontic device.

Practical and useful for improving facial shape guide and promoting normal jaw development. It can also prevent odontoprise during night sleep.


1. Before first use, there may be a slight smell, please wash the concealer with warm water.

2. If necessary, using a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush, just started to use, there will be foreign body sensation, nausea, increased drooling, toothache and other symptoms, to adapt slowly, this will be relieving.

3. Using one time may not have obvious effect, it needs naughty users.

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