Billy Baldwin criticized for rant after Sharon Stone controversy

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Tuesday, Sharon Stone spoke about pressure from producer Robert Evans to become intimate with Billy Baldwin while filming the 1993 film Money. Today, Billy Baldwin posted a note on X (formerly Twitter) claiming he had many “naughty and unprofessional stories” about Sharon. After reading Billy's note, the internet is clearly not happy with his response to Sharon's statement – more on that later. In his post, Billy wrote: “I don't know why Sharon Stone is still talking about me all these years later. Does she still have a crush on me, or is she still hurt because I avoided her advances? Did she tell her friend Janice Dickinson the day after my drug test and their meeting on our MGM Grand flight back to New York: “I'm going to make him fall in love with me so hard that it's going to turn him the head ” ? »

Billy Baldwin added: “I have so much dirt on her it would make her head spin, but I kept quiet. The story of the encounter I had with Bob Evans begging him to allow me to choreograph the final sex scene in the photo below so I wouldn't have to kiss Sharon is absolute legend. I wonder if I should write a book and tell the many disturbing, perverse and unprofessional stories about Sharon? This could be fun.

After seeing Billy Baldwin's post, several users criticized his unsavory rating.

One user wrote: “I have no idea what beef is but your comments are so conceited and misogynist that I am forced to take Sharon Stone's side.

Another added: “I don’t know why you’re mad at ST. She's talking about the disgusting actions of the producer, she's not talking about you, according to the article you linked. Weird “flex” though and rather disgusting. This is not like you.

Someone wrote: “I saw this movie. You were weak in the role. She's right.

“Dude, you’re sick. Acquire help. As soon as possible,” one comment read.

Janice Dickinson, mentioned by Billy Baldwin in his tweet, refuted Billy's claims while speaking to The model said: “If I remember correctly, Sharon never said that to me. I don't know why Billy Baldwin raises this question. I love them both but it never happened.

ICYMI, during an episode of the Louis Theroux podcast from Spotify, Sharon Stone shared a disturbing experience involving producer Robert Evans, who died in 2019. She recounted how Robert called her to his office in the middle of her shoot and suggested that becoming intimate with Billy Baldwin would improve the film. The actress said: “He called me into his office. He had these really low couches from the 70s and 80s, so I'm basically sitting on the floor when I should have been on set. And he's running around his office in sunglasses explaining to me that he slept with Ava Gardner and that I should sleep with Billy Baldwin, because if I slept with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin's performance would improve, and we needed Billy to improve in the movie. because that was the problem.

Sharon Stone added: “And if I could have sex with Billy, then we would have on-screen chemistry, and if I could just have sex with him, that would save the movie, and the real problem with the movie was me because I was so uptight, and therefore not like a real actress who could just fuck him up and get things back on track. The real problem was that I was such a tight asshole.

Sharon Stone had already spoken about the incident in his 2021 memoir, The beauty of living twicebut refrained from naming either the producer or the actor in the book.

About the movie — Money is a 1993 American thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce and based on the novel of the same name by Ira Levin. The film stars Sharon Stone as Carly Norris and Billy Baldwin as Zeke Hawkins, alongside Tom Berenger, Polly Walker and Colleen Camp in significant roles. The plot revolves around Carly Norris, a successful book publisher who moves into a luxurious Manhattan building named Silver Towers.

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