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Battlefront Classic Collection launch goes poorly

The idea of ​​a collected and updated version of the Star Wars: Battlefront games sounds like a lot of fun. But in practice? Developer Aspyr's project was… received with less enthusiasm by fans.

There were server issues from launch, where for a while there were only three 64 player servers online, for some reason trying to handle almost 10,000 players on Steam trying to enter. Others were queued over time, but it's unclear why. it would have been launched in this state.

Then there's the problem that the port is often just not very good. Multiplayer is locked at 30 FPS, Battlefront 2 cutscenes are missing, aim assist is poor, you can't reverse flight controls, there are audio and lighting issues. Overall, the Star Wars: Battlefront Classic collection launches without many meaningful upgrades, which something like this should have, and it's even missing features and content of the originals.

From servers to other issues, this led to the Battlefront Collection launching with mostly negative reviews on Steam, with only 21% of them being positive. Strangely, this is different from the few rated reviews that exist, which show the game at 83%, with all reviews at 8-8.5, but there are only five reviews, and on the PS5 version that may have had fewer problems. Some impressions from other creators have also been positive. Here is GamingBolt Conclusion:

“Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection shows how a sleek, content-rich shooter can still stand out today. »

Can all of this be fixed for a wider player base? Server issues appear to be resolved, although other issues would require additional fixes and post-launch support. Locking multiplayer to 30fps for older titles like this is untenable for some. It absolutely feels like they need to fix content that's literally missing from the game and insert obviously necessary options like inverted flight controls.

If and when all of this happens, it may be a different story, but for now, despite some positive impressions, it's probably time to wait to buy it until these issues are resolved. If it's not the case ? Then it will probably be a jump. As always, this continues to happen with a multitude of re-releases, remakes, and remasters that are incredibly difficult to get right, and many companies don't seem interested in investing the time and money needed to get it right. do, simply making fixes once the game has already been sold.

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