Are you an undecided voter? Do you live in a battleground state? We want to hear from you.

By all estimates, a relatively small number of voters in just a few states are likely to decide this year's presidential election: undecided voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania , North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Do you live in one of these states? Not sure if you'll vote for President Biden, former President Donald J. Trump, or someone else? If you lean in one direction, could you be persuaded to change your mind? Are you considering not voting at all?

My colleagues who cover elections for The Times and I want to hear your views on politics.

I've covered national politics for The Times for five years, often focusing on how voters view political debates and divisions in the country. I often hear from those who are most committed to one party or another, but I look forward to hearing from voters who are still making their choice. What are you worried about? What inspires you? What will convince you one way or another?

We will read each submission and contact some respondents to learn more. We will not share your contact information outside of The Times newsroom or publish any part of your submission without first following up and responding to it from you.

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