Anil Kapoor and his family against the world

The image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: primevideoin)

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Anil Kapoor is a force to reckon with. After impressing us all with his screen presence in Animal And Fighter, the actor is set to play the lead role in the upcoming film Subedaar. He plays Subedaar Arjun Singh in the film. The happy news was shared on Instagram by Prime Video India. The film was also announced during the OTT platform's recent presentation at Prime Video presents event. In the post, Anil Kapoor can be seen sitting on a chair with a gun in his hand. It's hard to miss his intense gaze. The caption read, “In an adrenaline-fueled action drama, Subedaar Arjun Singh grapples with civilian life, navigating a strained relationship with his daughter and societal dysfunction. The man who once fought for the nation must now fight his enemies within to protect his home and family.

At the Prime Video Presents event, Anil Kapoor shared details of the project. The actor said: “The director (Suresh Triveni) It's awesome. The storyline is fantastic. The producers are phenomenal and the welcome is even fantastic. These are the most important things to me. In this film, everything comes together. It was obvious to me. I was here, impatient, excited about Subedaar.»

When asked what kind of preparation he did for the role, Anil Kapoor replied, “I think when you have a fantastic filmmaker like Suresh, a fantastic team, the preparation becomes easier. For me, I think Subedaar It's going to be a lot of fun. We shot this in a few hours. It's not a promo, it's a sizzle and it went so well because we were having fun. The most important thing is not to take yourself too seriously. So I'm not going to take myself very seriously. We're just going to go have fun Subedaar and try to do our best while having fun.

A fan page shared video of the event on YouTube. Check it out below:

Earlier, Anil Kapoor shared his thoughts on Subedaar in a conversation with Variety. The star said: “I've done a lot of action films, but this one is a pure action film, a dramatic action film. I'm excited about it.

Subedaar was jointly supported by Abundantia Entertainment, Opening Image, Anil Kapoor Film and Communication Network Pvt. Ltd.

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