Ancient Burial Mounds Discovered in Germany

Magdeburg: Archaeologists have discovered several ancient burial mounds in a city in Germany.

The US State Office for Heritage Management and Archeology of Saxony-Anhalt (LDA) said in a press release that the site is located in the Eulenberg industrial area near the central German city of Magdeburg. Where the American company Intel is planning to build its plants.

Officials said that these burial mounds belong to the Neolithic period. The Neolithic period is actually called the last period of technological development among ancient humans.

Archaeologists have been examining the area since 2023, ahead of the construction of Intel plants. The researchers identified two burial mounds believed to be around 6,000 years old.

The mounds were built over wooden chambers about 650 feet apart, each containing a number of graves. These burial mounds are associated with the Baalburg culture (circa 4100 to 3600 BC) of the Middle East.

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