ADHD Medications Harmful to Cardiovascular Health

Colorado: Doctors warn that long-term use of medications used to treat ADHD can seriously affect cardiovascular health.

conducted at the University of Colorado in the United States research I looked at data from 80 hospitals on U.S. citizens with ADHD ages 20 to 40.

A total of 12,759 pairs of patients were examined for at least 10 years. In these couples, one person used drugs while the other did not use any drugs.

In the study, after eight years of using the drug, these patients had a 57 percent increased risk of developing heart failure compared to those who did not use the drug.

These medications work by changing the amount of chemicals in the brain to improve concentration, but some worry that this may also increase blood pressure due to a faster heart rate and weaken the heart over time. be thick, hard and enlarged. This can lead to irregular heartbeat or cardiac arrest.

According to the study, people who took ADHD medication had a 17% increased risk of heart failure after just one year.

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