A water planet where the water is constantly opening

Cambridge: Can you imagine a planet covered in boiling water?

Yes! This type of planet exists in the universe where water is actually boiling. About 70 light-years away from our solar system is a planet that is likely completely covered in water, but not quite like Earth. Astronomers have described it as a boiling pot of water.

Astronomers from the University of Cambridge discovered the planet after data from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. After which experts published a report in this regard in the journal 'Astronomy and Astrophysics'.

According to the report, this dangerous planet is part of the TOI-270 system where 3 planets are orbiting a red star. One of these three planets has been studied by astronomers and has been named TOI-270 d.

Analysis of the chemical composition of the planet's atmosphere reveals that it is actually a 'HyceanWorld' – a planet with a large ocean and hydrogen-rich atmosphere. Scientists estimate that its temperature may be 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to cause water to boil.

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