A suicide attack in Basham; Pakistan should increase security and completely eliminate security risk, China

Beijing: After the suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, China has demanded Pakistan to take concrete steps and increase security to completely eliminate the security risk.

Spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Li Jian, told the weekly press briefing that on March 28, the Chinese sent an inter-agency working group to Pakistan, which immediately started working on emergency response with the embassy in Pakistan and the relevant company.

He said that the head of the working group, Bai Tian, ​​met the Pakistani foreign minister, foreign secretary and interior minister and demanded an immediate and complete investigation of the attack on Basham from the Pakistani side.

Li Jianbai Tian said that Pakistan should take concrete measures to increase security and completely eliminate security risks. Pakistan should make every effort to ensure the complete safety of Chinese personnel, institutions and projects.

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