A plan for a submarine that can stay under the sea for seven days

California: AmericaA A designer has come up with an idea for a luxurious fish-shaped submarine that can last for seven days without coming to the surface Capable of going to a depth of 328 feet.

The designer's Deep Sea Dreamer submarine has a hall where passengers can sit and watch the underwater scenery.

The Deep Sea Dreamer, a 328-feet deep-sea submarine, is capable of traveling at a speed of 160 kmph in the deep sea, and for this purpose, the yacht is equipped with a silent electric motor that will not affect aquatic life.

Due to the internal batteries, this submarine is also capable of staying under the sea for seven days.

The yacht is equipped with a large observation bubble with comfortable chairs to observe the world under the sea.

In the renderings, it can be seen that the yacht is also equipped with a grand piano that will entertain the passengers while taking in the unique views during the voyage.

According to the photo provided, the submarine has a saloon, a guest cabin, an owner's cabin and a laundry room in order.

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