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8Pcs/Box Weight Lifting Sport Chalk Magnesium Powder Gymnastic Sports Climbing Gym Magnesia Block Barbell weightlifting Training

Price: 11.91 - 6.91

8pcs Blocks Sport Chalk Weightlifting Magnesium Powder Anti-Slip Rhythmic Gymnastics Chalk Sport Dumbbells Climbing Magnesium

Product Description:
Magnesium powder is used for gymnastics, weightlifting, barbells, etc. The chemical name is ldquomagnesium carbonaterdquo, sports chalk. Magnesium powder is just a popular name. The industry is also called anti-slip powder. It is a white, odorless powder that is completely different from metallic magnesium powder. It cannot be burned and is not a flammable or explosive product.

1. Can be non-slip, improve stability and success rate
2. Can improve strength, confidence and security
3. Make the skills fully successful and successful.
4. Refined, finer, non-toxic, tasteless, slightly slippery

Name: sports chalk, magnesium powder.
White color
Shape: block
Application: weight powder/gymnastics
Package Content: 8pcs block in 1 box

Package Included:
1 box (8 pieces) × weightlifting magnesium powder


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