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6pcs/lot Pre-cut Athletic Kinesiology Tape Sports Tape Special for Knee Waist Back Neck Muscle Recovery Pain Relief

Price: 13.88 - 8.60

Color: Black skin
Elastic cotton fabric. Raincoat. Good air permeability. Hypoallergenic.
Material: 100% cotton elastic fabric. Acrylic adhesive.
Function: Improve the operational efficiency of the waist and lower back muscles. Reduce pain and improve auxiliary effects. Accelerate muscle recovery and prevent more serious damage. Applicable to intervertebral injuries, fatigue, spasms, inflammation and pain of the waist and lower back muscles. Good for postoperative recovery.

1. Clean, dry, hair-free skin.
2. No direct contact with the wound area.
3. Stop using if discomfort occurs. Consult a doctor if discomfort occurs.
4. 2-3 days as period. Frequent recordings may cause discomfort.
5. The adhesive side should not be in direct contact with water or other substances.
Storage: Store in a dry, cool place. No exposure to the sun
Packing list:
6 pieces of pre-cut ribbon

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