4.5 million times faster internet than normal internet

Birmingham: Scientists have set a new world record for Internet speed, which is 4.5 million times faster than current broadband speeds.

An international team, including scientists from Aston University in Birmingham, set a new record by running the Internet at a speed of 301 terabits per second using commonly used optical fiber.

At this speed, every movie on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) can be downloaded in one minute.

The scientists achieved this record data transfer speed by developing a new optical processing device, which opened the way to new wavelength bands not previously used in fiber optic systems.

Dr Iain Phillips from Aston University said the data was sent through an existing internet connection in the home or office, such as optical fibre. However, the researchers used two additional spectral bands, the E-band and the S-band, along with the commercially available C- and L-bands. These bands are not traditionally needed because the C- and L-bands meet consumer demand.

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