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1Box Magnesium Powde Block Anti-Skid Powde Weight Lifting Dumbbells Gym Equipment Sports Chalk Block Sporting Supplies

Price: 1.16 - 0.81


The product is a square block of magnesium, which can be attached to the hand rest or placed in the magnesium powder box.

Made from magnesium carbonate, it acts as a desiccant by absorbing sweat from your hands.

It prevents the device from slipping and ensures a firm and reliable grip.

Ideal for keeping your hands dry during weightlifting, powerlifting, rock climbing, crossfit training classes.

High-quality anti-slip magnesium powder, does not hurt the skin, tasteless, water-absorbing, water-absorbing, anti-slip effect quickly, improve training level and competition performance.


Material: magnesium carbonate

Size: 3.35*3.35in/8.5*8.5cm

White color

Uses: rock climbing, single and parallel bars, gymnastics, badminton, tennis, pole dancing and other non-slip sports.

Package includes: 1 box


Please allow small errors due to manual measurements.

Different monitors may display slightly different colors.

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