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17/34 Keys Thumb Piano 34-tone Kalimba Double Layer Dual Kalimba Kalimbas Keyboard Instruments Musical Sports Entertainment

Price: 56.00 - 39.20

17/34 Key Thumb Piano 34 Tone Double Layer Kalimba Keyboard Instruments Music Sports Entertainment

15 days free return and exchange.


1: It is 17 notes, 21 notes or chromatic thumb piano.
2: Each key has an independent limit,
Keep the spacing even and don't move,
Simply adjust the hammer to tune.
3: The keyboard is doubled, and the board is still as small.
North American black walnut, solid wood veneer,
4: Sheet size: 183 × 125 × 25 mm
5: Large rounded edges, better hand feeling
The back is rounded and chamfered,
It's rounder in the hand.
6: The key pitch is 6.7 mm
7: Like three pianos
Three octaves, bass 4 to double treble 4
Bottom row = 17-tone piano
Lower row + upper row bass 4567 = 21 tone piano
Lower row + upper row bass 4567 + chromatic scale = chromatic piano
8: piano case
Waterproof, scratch-resistant, custom-made EVA piano case.
Tuning hammer, teaching materials, thumb piano, all in a box.


1: Storage box
2: Adjustment hammer
3: Finger protection (colors are sent randomly)
4: English user manual
5: fabric
6: Marking stickers (colors will be sent randomly)
7: Some countries support APP tuner
(Search and download Thumb Piano Tuner)


1. Your Kalimba will not be the same as shown in the photo/video. Due to the natural characteristics of the wood, each Kalimba will be unique.
2. Due to manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-2cm deviation.
3. Please note that due to vibration caused by transportation, some wrenches may have been moved, resulting in incorrect tooth adjustment. don't worry, if so, you can refer to your manual included in the package and check the setting before us first, after setting, attach replacement note stickers 4. After each use , you need to clean the Kalimba (cleaning cloth included in the package) to protect it. Put it in the bag/case after each use. Do not expose to extreme weather conditions.

We are equipped with tuning hammers, which can be precisely adjusted according to our needs, and there will be inaccurate sound during long-distance transportation.

Tuning the instrument is also a pleasure.

Like three pianos Three octaves, bass 4 double treble 4 Lower row = 17 tone piano Lower row + upper row bass 4567 = 21 tone piano Lower row + upper row bass 4567 + chromatic scale = chromatic piano

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